Treasure trove of gems and pearls

We all love the story of a treasure found by chance and imagination.

In my culture, hidden treasures flicker on a magic night in the midst of summer. We call this night, The night of Sânziene. They are gracious fairies with magic powers. Also Sânziană is a flower called Lady’s Bedstraw.

Legend has it that on this night one can listen to animals talking with human voice and catch glimpses (if lucky) of the mysterious sheen of the unknown, unfathomable trove of treasures waiting impatiently to be found.

The treasure I am about to present here is not found but forged with toil, sweat, craft and the imagination of a treasure seeker. Swarovski crystals and amazing water-cherished pearls sparkle along with semi-precious stones like amethyst, citrine, opal, larimar, mother-of-pearl and what not…

PEARLOVSKI  – Delicate luster as a weapon

Sprigs of Lily of the Valley

“Sprigs of Lily of the Valley” (1897) ■
Silver, gold and enamel bracelet by René Lalique

Lilies of the valley carry so much of nature’s freedom of enchantment and allure. They smell  of  enduring summers and moonish wishes.


Drying Eyes – work-in-progress

Drying Eyes – work-in-progress

Swarovski stars on handrafted silver plated earrings by Pearlovski. 
My hearts and hands jump with joy at contemplating my newest work.

PEARLOVSKI  – Delicate luster as a weapon

In praise of Christmas trees

Pearlovski jewelry found safe haven in our Christmas tree. This is where they live until adopted by a wonderful lady.

More pics to go soon.

PEARLOVSKI  – Delicate luster as a weapon

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