PEARLOVSKI  – Delicate luster as a weapon – handcrafted in Romania Pearlovski triangle earrings with green Aventurine, black, white and pink cultured fresh-water pearls and red, blue, translucent green Swarovski Crystals. Our shop is open 24/7.

Mind travel

I travel by mind and by bike… Lately, mind travel has filled the void of seeing only with the eyes of the imagination … set free by these shines and smiles next to persuasive greenery celebrating the coming of the new Spring. In sunsets and flowering seasons there is sadness of new warmth and yellow […]

Green Bermuda Triangle

Green Bermuda Triangle & Blue Bermuda Triangle are two pieces created for two special ladies with a love for green and blue in their hearts. Even if “the days are not full enough”, take a breath of freshness and serenity from the sparkle of the sea and greenness of the grass as pictured in our […]

Playing with colors

On the verge of this tremendously shy Spring, I make do with colors and my hands.Working, working, working is my new personal anthem… And for many of you… White&black cultured pearls and white Swarovski earrings. PEARLOVSKI  – Delicate luster as a weapon – handcrafted in Romania Tel: 0721.91.51.51 | E-mail:

Tree of Hope

Tree of Hope and gems and pearls. Hope is magnified by kindness as is the sparkle of gems in the benevolent sun. PEARLOVSKI – Delicate luster as a weapon – handcrafted in Romania

Blue Bermuda Triangle & mother-of-pearl blue glittering dream

I have received these wonderful pics from a client in Germany. Also in the second picture you can see one of my icons on the wall. I am honored and humbled by the beauty of the pictures. Thank you!!! Mother-of-pearl glittering dream & Blue Bermuda Triangle on the dressing table of one beautiful lady.


Now that we stay at home, I occupy my hard-earned time with an inventory of glimmer and glint. So, my work space is shining. I do hope that the light and my happy thoughts will embrace you in these troubled times…

Bijuterii handmade Pearlovski

Frontul meu de lucru s-a umplut de Sclipici și lumini, iar brăduții din curte sclipesc și ei. E o bucurie să mă uit la ei! Desigur, ultima fotografie a fost făcută pe timpul ultimei (singurei) zăpezi de anul acesta. Vă așteptăm cu drag! Tel: 0721.91.51.51 | E-mail: În curând și pe – site în construcție

Drops of Spring by Pearlovski

Swarovski teardrops on silver by Pearlovski Cercei cu pietre Swarovski albastre, roșii, albe și verzi, Colecția Drops of SpringSwarovski earrings by Pearlovski PEARLOVSKI  – Delicate luster as a weapon – handcrafted in Romania Tel: 0721.91.51.51 | E-mail: În curând și pe – site în construcție

Sclipici by Pearlovski

Cercei cu pietre Swarovski albastre, roșii, albe și verzi, Colecția SclipiciSwarovski earrings by Pearlovski Prima fotografie e făcută în curtea mea din dragoste pentru primii ghiocei de anul acesta! Swarovski blue (red, green and white) earrings The first pic is taken in my courtyard out of love for the first snow drops. As we carry […]

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